Current Knowledge of Blue Water

Knowledge – Local
Based on a Roll of 22 (take 20)

Rating on community interest of:

Arkus boreno
As everyone knows, Arkus Boreno is the pawns shop owner. Some will say that he is evil, profit driven and an egocentric maniac. Others will say that is a good man despite of his apperance and speach since he is directly helping the poor people of the docks. The general concensus is that Arkus is in for the profit and power. If it means crossing you one day and the next giving you 50gp, then he is that predictable.

As of late, Arkus seemed to be more concerned by the affairs of Blue Water and put a personal interest into it, putting most elected concil member in a very uneasy predicament each time Arkus speaks with them.

All in all, the Arkus rating in terms of community interest would probably rank 6.5.

Army of Blue Water
It is very difficult to rate the army as the core of their existance is to serve and protect all citizen of the Salvation Plain regardless of where they are located. This sounded like an oxy-moron a few years ago prior to the Hill Town incident (as refered to by Blue Water council). Now the army mandate as been modify to make sure that the Hill Town incident will not happen again, but with limitted resources and budget, the army does what it can and not waht it could do.

Since the number of adventurers (or groups with that title) is very scares (3 groups in the last 20 years), the army does not have special agents or any special strike team to be able to send and hope for their return on critical and hard mission.

The latest glitch in the army is the fact they barely have enought man power to protect the road from Hill Town to Blue Water, this is probably why new rumors are coming out that Forge Town is now an undead city as Hill Town is…

All in all, the Army rating in terms of community interest would probably rank 6.

Guilde des Metalurgiste et Leatherworker
Better positioned in the local opinions, those two guilds prvide tools and consumable of somewaht first necessity to the citizen fo Blue Water. The general population help them to some extent but the guilds help the population more directly. Both guilds have now started to recycle old materials in order to transform them into new/newer stuff to resell to the population.

Both guild leaders Telo Morvyn and Mock Borrond are doing everything in their power to keep the price of their goods reasonable. This will become increasingly difficult over time especially since Forge Town as stop trading their precious metal ore.

It is somewhat obvious that both leaders are in trouble in medium term as their trade may be impossible to practice. This makes them very angry at times because they either will lose power in the community or profit, probably both.

All in all, the guilds rating in terms of community interest would probably rank 6.


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