Mayor/Ruler: Lord Osig Ethegbred, Grossspokement of the Loftwick tribe.
Resources: Foodstuff, Gems, Iron and silver, clothing
Economics: Small City (15,000gp limits)
Population: 10,000 (small city) – Human 60%, dwarf 30%, Other 10%
Languages: Ardi (Common), Keolandish, Halfling, Elven
Religions: Heironeous, Zilchus, Trithereon, Clangeddin Silverbeard, Dumathoin, Corellon Larethian
People of Note: To be discovered.

The city of Loftwick is the Capital city of the Yeomanry League. Teh city is build at the base of a chain of mountain that covers all the northern view of the city. The city is fortified with large stones obviously broth back from the mountain range behond the city.

The city is divided in several quarters, the merchant quarter (in which you are hosted right now) is one of the most important one. The high quarter, where most important nobles and persons have estates, this quarter is located north of the cuty. The castle proper is located north-east and is walled so only people that have reason to be there can enter. Surprisingly, the town buildings and official hall are located directly in the city center where the bazards are held. The merchand quarter located north and north-west of the bazard – this is the quarter is which you are hosted.

There are three gates to enter the city, the east, west and southern gates. The Wick river runs just south of Loftwick, which river you must crossed to get intom the sourthern city gate, making it very hard to attack the city from the south.

As most cities, some rules are at work:
- Usage of magical spell is forbidden
- Destructive spell usage are passible of heavy fines
- Mind controlling spell usage is passible of death
- Killig is passible of death
- Thievery is passible of fine, imprisonment and death

Changing Gems in Loftwick

Du to the economic boom in the city, the haggling is very though lately and the demand is more for hard coins than gems – surprisingly.

The first number (purcentage) is the maximum value for changing the gem – whitout haggling. The second purcentage is the additional value “added” for successfuk diplomacy checks. The added value can only be achieved 5 times. Each shop keeper has a different DC for the diplomacy checks (which are kept by the DM).

For example, a shop with 90%/1%.
No gem will be exchange for more that 90% of its value unless haggled for. This merchand has a DC of 30, so the first successfull DC 30, will see the gem value maxed out at 91%, for each 5 points above the sucessfull DC the purcentage of base value will increa by 1%. In this example a roll of 50 would provide the maximum value of 95%. Teh third number is base diplamicy DC for the first success. A take 20 is not possible for this check, a take 10 is possible. Additional building, shop or trade location will be added as needed.

Money Changers – Gems and hard Coins
- Shop #1: 80%/ 2%/ 35
- Shop #2: 75%/ 4%/ 40
- Shop #3: 60%/ 7%/ 40

Weapon and armor smiths
- Shop #1: 85%/ 1%/30
- Shop #2: 80%/ 2%/33
- Shop #3: 80%/ 3%/38
- Shop #4: 75%/ 4%/40
- Royal Shop: 70%/ 2%/40

General Store and boutiques:
- Shop #1: 70%/ 2%/ 35
- Shop #2: 65%/ 4%/ 40
- Shop #3: 70%/ 3%/ 38

Knowledge gather throught “Gather information”:

There are several inns solely devoted to adventurers. Some have a better reputation than others, but in general this is where adventurers tell their tales and exchange fortunes, glory and punches… Maybe the most notable one is the Exotic Giraffe. Others exist also and the most expensive is the Golden Pegasus, located in the high quater.

The city is currently in a high economic boom due to several iron and gem mines discoverd recently and now being exploited. This translate into the gem value being somewhat dimished. Anyone with hard coins can make a small fortune in speculation if they wish to trade it for gems, as any hard coins now is being exchange for gems – marking them rareer and rarer (this is true for high coins such as gold and platinium).

Several rich merchand are loking for sturdy adventurer and hired blades for security escort into the moutains. The riches of the cities’ boom have attracted all sorts of brigand and humanoids is search of riches.

Many raids from giants and other large mountain dwellers have occured in the recent months but nothing out of the ordinary.

The cities’ economic boom as raised most price significantly, which translate into riche people being richer and poor haveing even more difficulties surviving in this small city. This also translate into a higher crime rate, especialy thiefering. Hence the demand for more personal guards form the rich, these guards are usually well paid but have a tendency to be found dead after a couple of days/week of service. This as for effect that local militia or town guards are more cautious and will not travel alone at night. It also put a high demand and even high pay for those who are willing to risk it.

You learned also that there are a few mages and sages in the city, the most prominent of those is Izam Debric, a sage that hire himslef as a researcher for those who are willing to pay his services.

Another good name favored by adventurer is Dionall Morgain, a merchand specialized in adventurer’s gear. The rumors is that he is more expensive than most other merchand, but he can fill much if not all of any adventurer’s needs in many aspect, including some minor magical items.

The most popular temple and faith lately is for Heironeous. His high priest Etholaf Sedrith as mounted many incursion into the mountains to clear them of humanoids. Many of these raids have provent a success and the faith is gaining more adepts. His priest have been hired as guard in many occasion with stories of glory and success against brigands and humanoids.


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