The Gods

As the population of the world disappeared during the plague year. The influence of the gods also. Not many gods are known and worship today.

Oerth Mother
Also known as Beory, this god is the god of Oerth, nature and rain. Without this god, the world today would be grim and not as much would be alive. People believing enough to be granted divine powers are wearing a pendant with a green circle. They are part of every town and participate in the daily life of as many people as possible. They could be compared with druids to some extent as their may area of concerns in the natural world. They have been actively looking at ways to make the soil more rich to provide more foodstuff and greener pasture for hear animals.

The god of plagues and famine is remembered and much feared. It is believed by common people that he is the cause of the plague that destroyed the known world. If he has followers, it is certainly not openly as this god inspires fear, distrust and death.

Also known as the Lady of Faith, this god is remembered and respected as the god by whom destinies are fulfilled, good or bad. She is said to be ever watchful of the living and will be present until the end of time. People serving the Lady are granted moderate divine power but never to help or change the faith of one soul. These very few individual are living a life of observation and meditation. There rarely interfere in the daily activities of the population. They will offer advice on certain subject if ask directly but in general they keep to themselves.

The Gods

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