The Flat lands

The Salvation plain is basically a vast area without any significant feature as it’s name implies. All the exceptional features are covered in other section of the geography. This section describe the main area of flat lands as known by the general population of the plain.

The plain is divided in three main areas:

North of Blue Water
The area north of Blue Water is mainly a large sand box with several large pocket of tall grass. The area is delimited roughly south and west by the sea, north by Rock Wall and east by the Hills of the tower. Historian says that something is at work on the plain as not more than 100 years ago, the area was in fact just tall grass, sand and monsters. Now, about half of the area is seeing bush growth and small trees. Large area seemed to have been very fertile lately and tree seeds have surely taken roots. Within the next few decade this area will certainly be able to provide more accessible wood to Blue Water and Ul Bakak.

The center plain
This area located north of the sea, stuck between the Hills of the tower at it’s west and Rock Wall to it’s east stopped just shy of the East Peak hill range. This area is relatively small and does not provide more features than any other flat land. Again here, small undergrowth of threes and plants more elaborate than tall grass is present. This area is somewhat protected from winds and from the sea or the north which in turn helps the local fauna to develop and be populated by stranger beast and monsters.

The Forbidden Vale
Not much is known about this area except that is it located south-east of the East Peak. Although not much is known, enough is gossip about it to understand that to venture there is to find it’s own demise. No one is known to have been there and seen again. The most elaborate gossip describe the area as undead and very strange and large insects infested, nonetheless, venturing there is synonym of death.

The Flat lands

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