Roads and Trade

Almost every body living in the plain knows about the other town and villages. A minority of these people know about the road network of the plain. Below are the most common and known roads on the plain and the original purpose of the road. Today, the road main purpose (or trade route) is still exploited but from time to time on rare occasion crazy villagers will venture on such a road to get to another town…

The Rock Road (Ul Bakak to Blue Water)
The Rock Road is a north-south trail across the plain. The trail was initially used to do the commerce of stone and food stock between Ul-Bakak and Blue Water. The trail can accommodate a large chariot pulled by two draft horses all his way. The most dangerous part of the trail is near Ul-Bakak where it leaves the plain to enter the base of Rock Wall hills and then mountain range near Ul-Bakak. The trail length is approximately 150 miles long. There is one smaller trail that leaves this one toward the east and ultimately Forge Town, this trail is known as the widow trail.

The Tree Run (Hill Town to Blue Water)
The Tree Run trail refers to the east-west path between Blue Water and Hill Town. This trail’s name origin from the trade wood between Blue Water and Hill Town. This trail goes through two very dangerous area of the plain: Hills of the tower and the forest of Hill Town. The trail width can accommodate a large wagon with draft animal over almost it’s full 300 miles length.

Metal Run (Forge Town to Blue Water)
The metal run refers to the trail that goes between Blue Water and Forge Town. AS it’s name implies this is the most direct way between the two cities for metal trade from Forge Town. The trail uses the first part of the Tree Run but after the Hills of the tower turn to the north and goes almost directly to Forge Town. The total length of the trail is 360 miles with most of it’s northern part in hostile land between the plain and undergrowth trees and young forests.

Roads and Trade

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