Rebuilding and Retraining

At each reset of the campaign, the character gain a rebuilding quests as stated in the PHB 2 in chapter 8. One area as been asked to be verified and explore: retraining/rebuilding hit points.

After much though I have decided to accept the retraining of hit points with the following rules and limitation:

Time: 2 weeks per dice
Cost: 50gp per week
Special Cost: 50xp per dice level

What the retraining allow: The retraining allow a character to re-roll one of his level hit dice. The results cannot be worst than the current results. Only one re-roll is allow per retraining time, and only for one level.


Gontrand has is a fighter with low hit points. He is always in front of the group in combat and he is more a liability than anything with his low hit points. He decide that he wants more hit points. He will retrain his hit point.

Gontrand HP:
Level 1: 10/10
Level 2: 2/10
Level 3: 1/10
Level 4: 5/10
Level 5: 2/10

He will retrain his level 2, 3 and 5 hit points.

Time: 6 weeks
Cost: 300 gp
Special Cost: 500xp [(lvl 2 * 50) + (lvl 3 * 50) + (lvl 5 * 50)]

With this Gontrand buy the chance to roll again 3 of his level hit points. If he roll a 1 or a 2 for level 2, then he keeps his 2 current hit points. If he rolls better he can keep the new roll.

All other rebuilding, retraining and house rules applies.

Rebuilding and Retraining

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