Path to history

The current year mark the sad anniversary of the plague days. It is the number of years since the plague has stoked and destroyed the known world. Not many people remember more than one or two generation ago because of the harsh living condition and poor record keeping. What is known today as been passed along many other legends during gathering events and stories beside the campfire at night.

  • In the years 582 to 584 of the old calendar, a war erupted between most nations of the Flanaess, Iuz – demi god of Evil, determined to take over the world attacked all the countries he saw fit. The war had repercussion all over the Flanaess and countless died. The circle of Eight is said to have done many good deeds, but at the end was betrayed by a powerful wizard named Rary. The war ended and a very fragile peace was established that lasted several years.
  • In 586, after much turmoil and deception in the former Great Kingdom, the Ivid line was no longer fit to govern the kingdom. This resulted in civil war for power and the destruction of what remained of the Great Kingdom. Several smaller independent states emerged from this conflict.
  • In 591, Jallarzi Sallavarian – member of the circle of eight, discover a threat to the city of Greyhawk and moved against it. It is unclear if this threat is the great plague or something else, but the old calendar years grind to a halt as a unknown plague was discover and started destroying humanity as it was known. All major cities fell in a few weeks if not months.
  • Shortly after the plague settled, several survivors of the plague tried to recover wealth and knowledge from major cities ruins without success and decided to abandoned those areas.

A small contingent of surviving people numbered to a few hundred was able to migrate to an area seemingly untouched, this area is known today as the Salvation Plain. Establishing several small villages, over time the population either regrouped or migrated to more secure area. The current world population is unknown, but the Salvation plain host no more than 20 000 souls.

As the world’s population was decimated by the plague, the accumulated knowledge was vanishing from memory and thus lost to future generations. The few surviving sages have theorized that the civilization knowledge must still be compiled and saved somewhere, the accepted theory is that it must be in ruined metropolis which pose the next issue, how to get there and surviving back?

The last hundred years of so have been very harsh and deadly to human population as well as any other humanoid population, this lead to peace among races to some extends. Knowledge and expertise is slowly rebuilt, and master work smiths are now emerging from different crafts. The greatest lost are the wizards, the scholars that learned and research almost any subject are now gone, probably forever. The very few that survived the plague did not have the capacity or lived long enough to teach others their art and so it died with them. The only arcane magic that still exists – although very rare are self learners and do not record anything on paper.

With such a catastrophic plague, most of the surviving population lost faith in the gods, having for consequence that several deities either been forgotten or disappeared and could no longer grants spells to their long gone followers. Some manage today to have divine abilities, such people are said to trust in mother nature, also known as Oerth Mother. There is still some blessings addressed to some gods in but in general there is no divine organization per say anymore.

Path to history

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