Legend of the Plague

Ebar the Old, the keeper of knowledge of Blue Water city as taken the time over to teahc each children of the city and other town when permitted the legend of the plague. The following is the class session he usually provide concerning the legend:

“May the blessings of Istus be upon you young-lings, you have see me many times during your education but now, let me tell you the legends in its fullness so you can understand better what you will face everyday of your life from now on.

The story I am about to tell you, you know a little bit, but let me put is in a way that make sense. Once upon a time, all living things where in a fragile equilibrium that made the world a beautiful and challenging place to live. The world was not the same as today, great city of both good and evil existed, many humans, elves, dwarfs and other races lived together either at war or at peace. Great countries ruled the world and thrived to expend their resources.

This world produced great legends that are barely remembered today, I for one remember many of them. Here are some of them: The Circle of Eight (Mordenkainen, Otto, Darwmij, Tenser, Bigby, Otiluke, Jallary, Wayne), they were powerful mage trying to influence the course of history; Iuz the old, a god that elected to conquer this world; Vecna, the most powerful lich known to man; Ivid the undying, a powerful undead king that ruled in is time half the known world; Rary, a very powerful wizard bound to opposed the circle of height; St-Cuthbert, a god actively working to thwart the plan of Iuz; The city of Greyhawk, a metropolis where everything could be made, both and sold; Ekbir, the city of a thousand nights and most beautiful buildings and architecture; Irongate, a dwarven stronghold city made of stone and metal that no one could take by force; Rauxe, the capital city of Ivid; Rel Astra, a center of magic; The Hellfurnace, a mountain range where dragons used to gather in hordes; Tovag Baragu, the artifact that none knew much about.

Ho yes, young-lings, I have imagine all this many time and wished to have witness them. As all story, they all have an end. I cannot tell how many ages ago these legends lived, but I know enough to say that they are all dead today. All that was known is now past and will not come again soon, most likely not in our lifetime anyway.”

Marking a long pause, he got his pipe out and drew a long and powerful puff of smoke. Expelling it in a circle, he gazed at you very intensely and continued in a tone full of sadness that touched you deep inside:

“The legend goes like this:

    In Eons past, against Vengeance,
    All were the same, all were helpless,
    The Traitor rose from a distance,
    Created an evil without cure, shapeless.

    Forces united, good and evil alike,
    Opposing this insanity to prevailed,
    Armies and subterfuge organized to strike,
    In the end, victory was near but failed.

    The curse as it was called, a poison,
    Killing, destroying and spreading,
    Without conscience was going on and on,
    Simple and terrific, it was annihilating.

    From its passage, dust, bones and stones,
    All remained, but a handful of survivor,
    Before the age of magic, before the age of stone,
    Humanity was thrown to its stupor.

    Since the obliteration from the plague,
    Nothing could be build, nothing survived long,
    Dust still fills the air, all living in a cage,
    Sadness, hopelessness fills forever all song.”

Once completed, a long and uneasy silence fell in the crowd. After a few more puff of his pipe, he resumes:

“Don’t concern yourself to much with the past. What is done is done, and none of us were alive at that time and could have prevented it. We have to make our living the best we can and improved upon what we have for the next generations to have better world that the one we had.

I will tell you what I know of the plague. This knowledge may help you in your adventure to stay alive. Don’t be fools, the poison is still around and killing. We are but a handful of survivor and our lives are fragile. The plague is a powerful poison. From what I know, no divine or arcane magic can cure it. It will kill a healthy human in less than a week in such pain that mercy killing is always a better option. Don’t fool yourself; the plague can be transmitted without touching someone of something infested.

But again, it as been a several decades since we have been in contact with the plague here. Now my little friends, the class is over, dismiss and go play…”

“That was in the past my friends, now you are much older, have gone and do adventuring of your own and grown into man ready to accept the truth. You are ready now, here is the legend as it happened or should I said as it all started…

“The legend goes like this:

    When Rary the Evil, from dust raised,
    Creating a weapon to poisoned,
    Against the circle of Good,
    Ready to thwart and destroy all Good.

    Great champions united supported by all,
    Infiltrating the evil traitor, they failed,
    Fighting against evil, back against the wall,
    In the end, great evil prevailed.

    Finding the last of evil weapons,
    A terrible poison against good leaders,
    Aim at the circle of good leaders,
    But triggered by fault, the last of weapons.

    Green dust, slime and death,
    Enclosing all life, all breath,
    World grew back to the stone age,
    Survivors started the plague age.

    Champions of good, defeated,
    Eaten alive as the plague spread,
    Souls taken and sent for victory,
    Will they come back to kill Rary?

Voilà, you oldster… I hope you undertand what is your future role… "

Says Ebar with a sad smile… and lowering his voice… “I am sorry…”

Legend of the Plague

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