Ruler: Lord Solestil, Baron of the Silver Wood, Druid Master of Southern Silver Woods
Resources: Foodstuffs, Pelts, Wood, High quality weapons, Forest Wine
Economics: Small village (800gp limits), can to 1,600gp or more for armors and weapon (doubling the building every 800gp)
Population: 1,500 (small town) – Human 25%, Half-elf 30%, Elf 40%%
Languages: Elven, Ardi (Common), Sylvan, Keolandish
Religions: Elf pantheon (Corellon Larethian, Aerdrie Faenya, Araleth Latheranil), Ehlonna, Phaulkon, Beory, Fharlanghn
People of Note: Le Mage Blanc, Buran Forgeaxe, Administrator Amanyon.

1. Kelm’s Vineyard
This small area at the hedge of the village clearing is full vines and ripe grapes. Most of the grapes are dark in color and small but juicy. The field where grow is small but well-tended. The main vineyard building is built around the closes trees and is on the ground. It has a strange and exotic form as it is made to not hinder any growing trees.
NPC: Kelm Grapethumb (Male Human)

2. The Oakbrew Mug
Near the border of the forest in the clearing, this large building is the only inn of the village. Small but warm, the main room of this establishment is simple and welcoming. A big fireplace for cold nights is in the north wall and a fair number of table and chairs are here to provide sitting areas for the patrons. The inn does not possess lots of room to rent but as few for the passing travellers. The food and drinks are generous and not expensive.
NPC: Yuldo Stilar (Male Halfing) is the owner of the Oakbrew Mug, the only inn in OakWood Bridge.

3. ForgeAxe Smithy
A large stone build smithy has been placed near the southern border of the clearing. Smoke and clinging sounds can be seen and heard from a distance. Part of the building is open and easily accessible. This large room is where most of the work is performed and it is large enough for a 4 wheel cart. The other portion of the building is more private and obviously is the living quarters of the smiths.
NPC: Buran Forgeaxe (Male Dwarf) is the owner of the smithy. He is well built and muscles are present all over his body.

4. Simple House
Getting closer to this house, simple and relatively well maintained you see an old dog trying to greet you and wagging his tail in anticipation of some attention. Besides him, in is rocking chair, an old man is looking at you. This house is very simple and warmth and welcoming feeling are genuine as well. This simple house is nears the eastern edge of the clearing, partly in the clearing.
NPC: The Mage Blanc (Male Human) is the village sage.

5. House of Cloth
This large building mingled in three different trees and about 15 feet high above the ground is far from the clearing. A set of wooden stairs brings you to the main door. Inside, larges counters and piles of cloths in various materials and colors are arrange for everyone to see and touch.
NPC: Origan Stail (Male human) is the owner of the fabric shop.

6. Wood Lodge
This area is simple in nature, protected by a large and long roof, without walls it is basically just a roof top about 12 feet high from the ground. It is in the forest. From the looks of it, it is here that the wood is chopped to make burning logs or planks or any other wooden item needed.
NPC: Menier Treestomp (Male Human) is the chief wood cutter.

7. Forest Castle
This large building is set about 15 feet in the air, suspended and old there by many trees and branches. To access it, you have to go up a flight of stairs. A double door will grant access inside. The inside is one big room with smaller adjacent alcove on each side. This building is the common room and place of administrative power for the town.
NPC: Administrator Amanyon (Male Elf) is tasks by the lord of the Silver wood to take care of the town and the southern part of the forest.

8. Convenient House
This rather large building set about 10 feet high in the trees is accessed by large stairs. The particular of this building is lift that exists at the back of it, an approximate size of 10 feet by 10 and solid sturdy ropes at every corner to lift the wooden platform into the building. This is of course the general store where much of the day to day needs of the towns folks can be sold and exchange.
NPC: Bérar Magline (Male human) is the owner of the general store.

9. The House of Meditation
This building is more a series of independent smaller building that forms a larger one. Several of the building average a height of 15 to 20 feet above ground but are easily accessible by stairs and ladders. There are three main building in this arrangement that is dedicated to the gods worshipped by the town. The first larger building is mainly for offerings to Aerdi Faenya, Ehlona, Phaulkon and Beory. The second largest is dedicated to Fharlanghn and Araleth Lathernil. The third one is dedicated exclusively to Corellon Larethian.
Several acolytes of the gods are living in this area and are responsible to maintain the area and collect any donations.
NPC: Amanelle Silverthread (Female Elf) is the high priestess of Corellon Larethian and is in charge of the worship of the community.

10. The Long House
This series of small buildings forms a network of cache and viewpoint across the town. Several of the location average a height of 25 to 40 feet above ground and are not easily accessible. These obviously serve dual purpose for meeting and defense observation point. The main users of theses buildings are the rangers and warriors of the town.
NPC: Elianor WhiteFlower (Female Elf) is the leader of the ranger group of the town.

11. Farm Building
There is three farm building across the opening in the forest. These buildings serve as grain and tools storage. They host also the cattle and beast of burden needed to plow the fields in summer. Several people are constantly maintaining and keeping busy around them.
One of the buildings as an added structure in stone to its side and from there early in the morning comes a fresh sent of bread. Most of the leather need of the village is also being worked in these buildings.
NPC: Lorion GreenTumb (Male Elf) is in charge of the fields and management of the granary of OakWood Bridge.

12. Normal House
Any of these houses is generally suspended in one or many trees. Most houses are connected by a network of rope bridges and wooden planks ones to connect each and every house. Most of the houses are around the forest opening and are within 200 feet of it. Some are larger than others but the average size is able to house easily a family of 4 to 6 members.

13. The Druid Cove
About 500 feet south of the main town exists a druid cove. It is very hard to get to the cove if not accompanied by a druid. Basically the cove is a giant tree that must be six to seven hundred years old and tower about 150 feet in the air. There in permanence at least 3 druids and rangers in the area watching and protecting it.


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