The Wizard Rary.

Accroding the the result of the research asked by your fellow compagnion Samael, here is the report he got back from the sage in Loftwick.

Rary is a fairly old men. No one know exactly his age but it is believe that he his around 50 years old. He is six feet tall with not so a frail frame. His green eyes are still alert and show a glimmer of analytical calculating intelligence that nothing escape. He usually dress in tan-color robes with highly intricate gold pattern.

Rary is reported to be a sage in many areas besides magic. Amngs other cosmology and lore of nomad people of the plain of the paynim. He as been an ambasador between the east and the western country of the flanaess, in his time he was able to negociate several peace treaties. Current he is known to be the acting Archmage of Ket. He often is in ket’s court for council of things magical and political concerning the trade routes of the country.

In Ket, Rary is known and publicly supported for all his work for the advancement of the country in many things, but one the most respected action is the peaceful negociation with the tribes of the plain of the paynims. He is also reputed to have developped many spells, specifically related to the psychi of the mind. Many one spells to enhance one minds relating to spell casting.

Currently Rary reside in his tower complex located in Ket’s capital: Lopolla. It is one of the highest tower in the city and rumors says it is magical in nature. It is also rumored that many outer plane creatures helped building the tower. Many legends and unfounded stories surrounds the tower as no one recall seeing its construction in at least two generations.

Rary latly spend his time between Lopolla and the city of Greyhawk, although most of his time is still for Ket’s court and spent in Lopolla, but has regurlar travel to Greyhawk city. His council is sought in many locations but he seems to reserve it for Ket’s and sometimes Greyhawk city. He can count on many allies in many countries, but amongs the most known of them is Mordenkainen, Greyhawk Archmage. He also as a brother in Greyhawk city – Arkalan Sammal, his presence could explain Rary’s many travel to Greyhawk.

Paradoxaly to Rary’s known and public feets, he is somewhat seclusive on his current affairs. Teh current nature of his research is unknown to all but him. Maybe his currently two apprentices may have ideas of his current work. Both are hard working and run many errands for the archmage household. They are known as Madzen the Soft and Ulra of Beshab and the rumor his that they are both on their way to be archmage on their own rights very soon.


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