Mayor/Ruler: Unknown.
Resources: Unknown – but a lot of stuff.
Economics: Major Metropolis (Unknow but very high gp limits)
Population: 50,000 (Metropolis)
Languages: Ardi (Common)
Religions: Unknown
People of Note: To be discovered.

Guild information

Adventurer Guild

The guild of adventurer is really just to control the influx of adventurer within the city as there is many opportunities of adventure arund the city. The vouncher (aka know as freesword taxe) that the guild produce in sell for 25 gp and is valid for your stay in the city, usually a month and renewable after ward for 5 gp per month as long you stay within the city and don’t leave for more that 3 days.

The vouncer gives you some advantage to the adventurers that buy it. It acts as an identification for adventurer and receit for taxes within the city, having it declares that you have paid you taxe for being an adventuer. It also allows you to sell the goodsyou have cumulated without problems, find and offer your sword as hirelings and basically enjoy what the city as to offer without issues from the authoritiies.

Guild of Wizardry

The guild of wizardry for all purposes is the place to get authorisation to cast spells (all type of arcane spells). This of course requires a permit. The permit is sold for 100 gp and allows any defensive spell to casted as long as it is 3rd level or lower. In this particular permit spells such as invisibility are considered offensive spell and as such as illegal.

The guild also sell special permit for spell of higher level on a case by case basis. A common defensive or utilitarian spell will usually be allowed for a 100 gp per spell level. This permit and the general casting are both valid for 1 year and are issued by person and not per groups.

The guild is also the place to dodeal with for all things magical. Unfortunatly the guild is not open ot anyone, only members can get access to its services. It will cost anyone interested in in becoming a member 100 gp per year. Additional cost or advantages will be provided if one gets accepted in the guild.

Other Guilds

There about 15 other guilds in greyhawk city, all of which you will deal with one way or another.

Guild of Performing Artist control the art within the city. Any artist from jugglers to full fledge bard needs his permits from this guild to engage in any activity that will generate money. The paper it self is not very expensive: 25 gp for a full year. But 10% of all money make (gross not profit) must be return to the guild to help support its activities. So a show that will earn 100 gp to an artist but cost him 75 gp to develop will still cost him 10 gp to the guild for a 15 gp profit.

Guild of money changer is probalby the most anoying guild in Greyhaw that you will find. All merchand from which to try to buy stuff will reject your coins until they are of a brand accepted. The only place to have accepted branded coins in at this money changer guild. They will change all your coins no issue or a modest 15% fee (After Fee’s negociation from a terrible 50% charge)… Tehy seems completly un-impressed with any other type of argument. They will issue either coins or note of creadit that a 100% valuable in all country surrounding Greyhawk and also int he city.


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