The recorded human history of the world starts about one milenia ago and even then, not much remains already of old documents and information of that time.

Basically two great nations existed: The backlunish empire to the north east or the Crystal myst mountains; The Suel Imporium to the South East of the Hellfurnaces mountains. We don’t know exactly what triggered the war between the two nations but we definitly know how it ended. At that time there was what we called today mage of power that could gather magical energy unimagined to this day. The two empire basically destroyed each other in the twin cataclyms: The Evoked Devastation from the Suel and the Rain of Colorless Fire from the Backlunish. We are not sure which of the two magical attack has been the worst but to this day on the old Suel Emporium there is nothing that lives.

This war had for effect a massive migration of poeple from both empire into the current Flanaess. From this influx of people the inhabitant of the lan was forced to move and to sahre the land with the settlers. Many nation have been founded and fall since then. The main ones, The Great Kingdom as been founded around -217 CY; the kingdom of Keoland in -342 CY. Many others have been creatde but these two are amongs the oldest still around.

Many things alsways happen but more recently the north have been united some time ago by a powerful warleader name Iuz. He disapeared and now he is back to his northern kingdom. The ulek State have gain their independence from Keoland some hundred years ago.

That’s where we are, the year is 575 CY and life is peaceful and I don’t know how long it will last as you know many war have been ranging over the years. The Great Kingdom is currently in war with th kingdom of Nyrond, Furyondy in skirmishing with the north Horned society and the Bandit kingdom.


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