Character Creation

Statistics: The point system will be used to resolve statistics. A standard PC will start the game with 35 points to distribute as desired. All stats start at 8 except constitution which start at 10.

Race: Starting race are somewhat limited. No pure race can be selected except human; all half race can be selected. This means that dwarf, elf, orc, goblin, etc are not available but half-elf, half-orc, etc are available.

Classes: All classes that can self learn are available. A self learn class is that by definition you know thing “naturally”. For example, the wizard is not available but the sorcerer is. This represents the fact that mentorship is just not available.

Clerics are an exception since they by definition know their spells but are teach their religion. Every cleric has found their faith and do worship mother nature and not a god in particular, which makes this exception work.

Feats and Skills: As indicated in various reference books.

Gold and Equipment: Every character receives the average amount for his class as indicated on page 111 of the PHB. A maximum 10sp and 20cp can be kept as left over if not all the start cash is spend. Only the following categories are available: Adventuring gear, Tools and skill kit, Clothing. Weapon and armour are all available.

See Chapter 3 for death of character, but the amount of gold received at character creation may vary depending on the character level as determined by past adventures.

Given the nature of the setting, some equipment that may seems normal may not be available, check with the DM to insure that equipement is available or the time tio acquire it may be longer.

Alignment: Alignment will be a house rule as suggested by a player. Choose the first axe of the alignment (lawful, neutral or chaotic), le second axe is attributed to be neutral to start. Your character actions will eventually determine your final alignment either towards good or evil or staying neutral. This will be done over and before or upon reaching 9th level.

This may cause issues with cleric character. At character creation the cleric determine as the PHB indicate if he cure or cause damage. Depending on his alignment bent at 9th level this ability will be realigned towards his true alignment, this is the same with all class feature, feats and abilities that are alignment dependant.

The spectrum in order to determined the final alignment of a charactger will be dertmined later and posted under it’s own chapter.

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Character Creation

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