Army of the Plain

The information on this page is valid for the Reset of the Broken Egg (reset #7).

The army of the plain is big. It is the biggest organisation of the plain at this time and the one with the most structure also. Currently there is what is referred to as two armies. One fighting Hill Town and one defending (or trying to) the plain including the city of Blue Water.

The person in charge of the army is General Kensa Renier, a seasoned fighter.

Knowledge of the army due to your contract.

The army is divided in 8 different ranks, the command structure is as follows:
Colonel: commands a column
Major: commands a battalion
Captain: commands a cohort
Lieutenant: commands a patrol
Sergeant: commands a unit
Corporal: commands a force

Accroding to the population, there is more than one army – which is false as there is only one – but the population divide according to the command structure at the Colonel level. So for them there are two armies as there are two active Colonel.

General Kensa Renier commands 3 colonels: Gerielle Jodran (f), Orleon Henger and Luwain Perflyr. Currently, the third colonel’s, Luwain Perflyr, mission is to complete the third column of the army and he is in intensive recruitment in Ul-Bakak.

Gerielle Jodran is the most experienced commander besides the General, she is foreseen to replace him soon. This is why she is in charge of laying siege to Hill Town with the strength of her full column.

Orleon Henger is in charge of defending the city of Blue Water and its surrounding area with his column.

The bulk of the army is composed of foot soldiers with melee weapons with rare units equipped with crossbows or bows and spears. Other rarer existing special forces are generaly support specialist that do not participate in combat.

Reporting Structure

Rank Full Army 3rd Column 3rd C-Recruited
General 1
Colonel 1 3 1 1
Major 1 3 9 3 3
Captain 1 3 9 27 9 9
Lieutnant 1 3 9 27 81 27 18
Sergeant 1 5 15 45 135 405 135 10
Corporal 1 2 10 30 90 270 810 270 20
Soldier 5 10 50 150 450 1350 4050 1350 100

Army of the Plain

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