3rd Character Creation

Rule Set:
The current version of the rules will be the D&D 3.5 from Wizard of the Cost. Since the 3rd character live in “real” Greyhawk world, all that pertain to psionic is not available.

It is no because a book is available that necessary all the rules are in effect, since it is very time consuming to go through all book and determine this, a special section will be created over time to document these exceptions if necessary. Before choosing a class, prestige class or other type of obscure feat/power or skills please check with the DM first for approval.

Some books will have a status of “evolution” or “discovery only”, for example many new books have new wizard’s spells, these are not readily available to a wizard without spending a minimum of time researching them (read knowledge check here), etc.

The point system will be used to resolve statistics. A standard PC will start the game with 35 points to distribute as desired. All stats start at 8.

Starting race are not limited. Basic races and half-races are available. Celestial and other ousider race should be confirmed with the DM. Goliath are not allowed.

Starting Level:
The starting level of every character is XX.

All basic classes are available. Most other class are available, as already pointed out all psyonic class are not allowed in Greyhawk.

Feats and Skills:
As indicated in various reference books. Exception is the leadership feat. The feat is available but xohort and follower will be “joining” the character once some time as elapse with the 3rd character.

Gold and Equipment:
Every character will start his live with 3D10 + lvl in gold pièces.
All equipement will be provided by the DM once he gets a copy of every player 3rd character.

A character will need to havean aligned determined at creation.

Special Consideration:
You characgter will remember what they knew in their last life (ie on the plain), so for a cleric, you still only know 4 gods: Istus, Beori, Incambulos and Nerull. this knowledge at characgter creation may limit classes and prestige classes that need certain divine influence.

3rd Character Creation

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