Timelessness Curse

Wind and Water

Having spent many days in the search of the tower, finding the four keys and finally opening the last room, you have been readied to climb the spirally stair up. Going up you realized quickly that you were being teleported in some kind of outer planes. You first appear at the top of a hill, literally attack by wind strong enough to throw down elephant! Surviving barely the wind, you made your way down to what appeared to be the floor of an immense ravine. Exploring a little you soon realized that this place is extremely large. Exploring by ways of magic you also discovered that the area seems to be contained within itself as a bubble dimension of some kind.

Well that would be the end of it and normal exploration if not of the wind slowly freezing you death. Using extraordinary methods, you agreed to jump through some hops and go faster. Well, walking the planes never seemed so complicated… Having swirl of colors that needs to be chosen from ended you in a critical position, falling down towards a massive amount of water. Colliding with the water, being soaked to your bones and breathing salty, hot and very humid air to burn your lungs was probably not your idea of a smooth ride.

Returning back with the same magic, the top of the hurricane windy hill became even more freezing and not hospitable. Conjuring the magical tent and resting somewhat within it, you found that even if you had many questions to discover where and what is going on, none comes to mind and you accept your current fate as you need to do it the hard way, explore the area and figure out what it is you are to do…

Lightning charcoal beginning

The corridor was of stone, about 15 feet large and long, very long. It was as you remembered. The corridor finished eventually into a balcony over a grandiose dark area that you know to be deep, large and more than big enough to have an entire city within it. As you remember, you are sort of welcomed into this place by one man, relatively old, equipped with adventuring gears, a small candle in one hand and a long scrollish map in the other. Closing the map he welcomes you to this place. Meaningless chat and story drive the conversation quite rapidly toward a contest of mental strength.

As you recall, the triggering doomfall event was the casting of a spell, then everything went sideways. In the next seconds you find yourselves in front of one dangerous foe that didn’t seem to like spell casting. Trying to understand what was going on, Lonely acted, throwing bolt of acid at the old adventurer a few times and then realizing he wanted him dead for forgiveness of the parties actions… then in a blur a line of lightning obliterated Lonely, Cogline, Elros and Pat. Asgart was already running away for his life…

Once the tragedy known to Fee, action were undertake to revive most of the party. But, as all sad ending, Lonely did not came back from the dead. Cogline was horror stroke to have all his equipment and most of all his precious spell book now in the hoard of a villainous creature craving for more treasures… The way back to life is not always the easiest one…

Time passed, and the party is counting the days before being thrown out of their nice residence. Colgine working in Oakwood bridge coping back his spells, the rest of the party struggling for anything to do and regain their lost wealth… When a knock on the door of your residence woke everyone.

“Dear masters, I have the pleasure to introduce you to Lord Elmore String, Seeker of the light. He wish to entertain you of a business opportunity.”

As you butler set Lord String to one of the chairs in your living room, you gather around.
“I accept your greeting and present myself as Elmore String, Lord is but a presentation title. I have heard rumors about your group in the last few weeks. Some of unequal beasty from the fairy world, some of complete destruction, some other of the wealth and treasure and courage you are carrying with you. Regardless of the truth, I must say that I am willing to give you a try – if you are willing of course…

Let me set the stage for you. South of Greyhawk are the Abbor Alz. In route toward the Bright Desert there is an old tower. Very old. It is said to have been build before the Sulm people destroyed the Bright Desert. It is also rumored that within this tower exist a soul gem. I am ready to finance part of an expedition to recover this gem. O, will you ask what the gem does? Well it is rumored that this gem is a magic item that will help keep evil at bay. I wish to recover it for my liege and master, the Duke of Ursnt to protect his country against strong evil.

Think about it, I will send word in a couple of days to see if you are interested. As a token of good faith, I am leaving a 100gp, regardless of you answer they are yours…”

The Ogre thereafter

The end of the day was a welcome sight on this bloody adventure in the Axe wood. Fee and JESSE managed to survived barely the rage and strength of the ogre cleric. Getting working or bringing their friends to life, they travelled and gone back and forth between the Keoland Kingdom and the duchy of Ulek.

The most interesting part of this journey is the discovery of a scroll case into which a message was placed. Obviously this message was destined to the ogre cleric. Did he read it or not, this is impossible to tell, but more of this hunting thing is going on definitively. The message read:

The hunter has been hunted! Zahgtru have been hunted. His failure and his master’s one is proof that he was no hunter. We have received the horn you hunted, what hunting this must have been! If you have another, bring it to the ritual as it is almost ready, be here next fall for the return of our god! I’ll be waiting for you in Tors of Grolantor.

Trying to find more information, Fee had a long talk with the White Wizard. Basically here it is what he told her:

“Fee, this message is of some concerns. Will you and your group seek to close hunting issue? I can’t offer much help here but, there is an area called the Tors, south-west of here, about a little less than 500 miles as the birds fly. I don’t know if this is the place it is referred too, but that area is a barren land, with a few ruins here and there. It might be a good place to conduct a ritual of some kind away from prying eyes. This area is officially to the Yeomanry, but as far as I know, the country is happy to leave it be as it would require too much soldiers to clean and maintain order.

I hope you will be able to find it. To my knowledge the closes settlement is Kimberton, a small settlements, maybe there you could find some guide or people more knowledgeable than me on the Tors. If I were you, I would hurry. If this ritual is really to take place this fall, then I personnally would perform it n the 18th day of Patchwall. This night is where the frabric of the universe is thinner for evil deads and summoning… just a thought…”

Crunch info: Game restart on the 23 of Goodmonth…

The Original Beginning

As the final blow has been dealt to the guardian of Dagger Rock, you found yourself in a huge cavern under Dagger Rock itself. After several hours of search, you find a well hidden spiral staircase. The staircase has been carved directly from the rock. As far as you can tell, the staircase spiral down directly into the depth of the earth. Spiralling down, you had lost long ago the sense of time and distance and moving mechanically down when you finally reach the bottom of the staircase.

In front of you, down the stairs a gigantic opening into a cave of incredible size. You have difficulties to make sense of the size of it as you can’t seem to see it completely without moving your head around. Grand buildings made entirely of stone, standing several stories high are in the middle of the cavern and are not reaching by far the ceiling. Many building have carvings and symbols into their structure that you don’t recognize. The sheer size of the place makes you wonder what you don’t know of the world before the plague and it could have been. Even in your wildest dreams you never though construction such as this was even possible. This cave could hold the complete city of Ul-Bakak into one of its gigantic structure.

After several days of exploration and visiting, you found what you think you are looking for. It is a small amphitheatre that could old probably 500 people. On what should be the stage you found a big altar with the same symbol that was on the last dragon and that strange apparition. On the altar itself, there is a circle with an arrow pointing toward a standing circle of stone. The arrow on the altar is crossed by two lines. A long one where three holes are engraved and a shorter one with two holes also engraved. The standing stone circle is about 10 feet from the altar and is about 12 feet in diameter. The circle is made also of stone with many engraving of different symbols. After a close inspection you recognized one that represents time. After some time, you select one of the three pouches that Ebar gave you. Inside, as he said there are five coins matching in a pair and a trio. You put the three first coins on the altar and then the two matching ones. Once the last coin is set, the circle on the altar burst into blue flames. You can feel the heat of the flames and you see all the coins melting into the altar. Once all the coins have been absorbed by the altar, the arrow seems to be short form it into the standing circle, directly in its center. The arrow explodes in the circle forming a green-blue shimmering door. The door looks like bursting fire but emit no heat. You instinctually know you have to go through the portal and know that your destiny awaits you on the other side of time…

Mustering all your resolve and courage you step in the portal. At first all is normal but suddenly you feel like falling a great distance, then everything stops. You see yourself entering a door of yellow light. You recognized the place, you have been here on numerous occasions but in all those time you know and realized that you were dead. The pattern on the floor is from Ebar’s tokens, now full of shimmering colors and patterns. The thirteen doors are now translucent ghostlike doors from which you can see your previous incarnation and you feel that they seem happy to see you. Soon the room is at a standstill, you feel strange, then your other soul move and merge with you. You feel the duality of both souls but strangely enough you welcome it, you welcome the merging of both souls’ knowledge of the plain and your previous adventure trying and failing all these times to recover the tokens, but now you know the history of both your souls and their previous life. You know that you are now complete, without this merge you didn’t realized that half of yourself was empty but now you know. You are at peace with this strange and unique feeling.

You see a sixth person appearing in the room. You recognize the person as Ebar. Ebar walks to the middle of the room and address you: “Dear friends, as I said to you once, I am sorry for the burden of your task. You know you have to stop the plague from destroying the world. I hope I gave you enough knowledge of the future and you have discover enough of the past to realized the strength that will oppose you in your quest. Don’t worry; gather some strength and time should flow normally. Only the final battle really counts. If some of you happen to fall before this battle, recruit others to help you, time will realigned itself. Follow the path of good and you should be able to prevent the destruction of the world. All life is not necessarily win in battle, be the wisdom of time go with you on your final quest.”

After having spoken these words, Ebar vanish into nothingness. The room feels strangely quiet and empty. Suddenly, the floor disappears and you all start falling toward a small bright light. Getting closer to the light you realized that it is not just a light, but a burning ball of fire. You are falling towards the ball of fire, closer and closer you fall. Then, you go through the ball of flame. Going through you experience the worst feeling and pain you ever had, you feel your skin melting away from your muscles, then after all your skin in gone with your hair in flame, your exposed blood and muscle start burning and melting at the same time, you are burning flesh. Soon you can’t feel the pain anymore, you know that your eyes have melted and finally exploded in their sockets, you know there is no more muscle on your bony frame that is now being hit and crushed under the pressure of repeated hits. The pain is gone; you know that you don’t have a body anymore, what else can hurt you now? But the pain is now progressing through your souls, you feel it twisting and being pulled in all direction, ripping your moral and sense of justice away, you know you have nothing left and fall into forgetfulness and emptiness. Suddenly you begin to feel again your soul slowly returning and reforming your conscientiousness. Bones, muscle and flesh are growing back into a new body; you feel the growing of time as if you were born and growing to an adult all in the same second, nails, hair, eyes and nerves all grow back and forming a new body. Suddenly another light, this one bright like the sun is fast approaching, going through it you feel the rush of air on your naked body, falling without control into time, you see the ground fast approaching and then you hit it! This is when you lost all consciousness.

The illuminating shadow of the sun going through a drop of water had rendered you blind for a moment. Gathering your senses you feel the sky and clouds passing away and bringing rain further away. Dropping water is soaking you; you feel the moisture of the air, the rich saturated soil in your hands, the smell of rooting worms, leaves and other thing you don’t know. White, brownish and red drops continue to soak your skin. Where am I? Is the first coherent though you have, looking around you realized that you are half buried in dirt, blood and bodies. What the hell? Pulling yourself together you manage a shaky stand up. Half naked, soaked in blood and water the smell gets to your throat choking you with all its rich and disgusting odors, the mix of blood and rain and rotting flesh and screaming bodies. You never have seen such horror in all your lives, tens of body lying around you. Some green, some fleshy like humans, other brown and furry, others scaly black, green and yellowish. Weapons and armors all around, some broken, some shattered other in poor repair, all glistering with drops of reddish water, dried and still liquid blood. Some of the bodies are screaming in languages you seem to understands, others in languages you don’t. Standards are everywhere; most are broken and soaked in blood and dirt.

Then a ray of the sun hits you, warm and comforting. You are now aware that you have awakened in the middle of a battle field, strange view in truth. The ground should be green with small plants, but it is reddish, soaked with the blood of each opponents. Looking around yourself you see many armored soldiers going about the battle field looking for survivors of their armies; killing here and there helpless screaming body, silencing their agony. You recognized four people of this battlefield, all are close to you. You feel relieved to identify your friends in bodies you never saw before. That is when you also see around the battlefield trees, tall with leaves. You never saw so many trees in your life. It now hits you more deeply than you though possible, you have never felt that way before, you feel so lost, out of this world and without strength, you feel helpless remembering Ebar’s words: You have gone back in time.

The emptiness that fills you needs to be short, your instincts are screaming for you to get out of here, in the middle of the aftermath of a battle from which you know nothing. Your short reincarnation into Blue Water army tells you it is better to run away and come back than getting cut here and not knowing anything. All running away from the piles of bodies you hear some shouting behind you but do not stop. Entering the forest only a few yards away you just dash into it and running ahead, you are not even sure in which direction you are going. After moment of running wild you have to stop and rest. Gasping for air into your burning lungs, it feels if it was the first time this new body is running. Once you have recovered your breath you noticed a small trail going away from the battlefield. You realized that you were already following it, looking for signs of pursuit and not seeing any, you start along this new path. Some hours later, starting to freeze at the sun start to set down, barefoot, still half naked and covert in dirt, dried blood and you don’t what else you stumble upon a small wooden cabin. The door is closed but you can feel the warm of the light and the flickering of a fire. The smell of roasted meet just makes you realized that you are famished and your tongue as started to dried up for lack of liquid.

Entering into this cabin, you saw a man pocking at the fire. Turning his head towards you he seems surprised, his hand going reflexively to the dagger at his belt and then relaxed all in the same movement. Standing up, fixing you he ask: “Where have you been and done? I’ve been waiting for three days now! What have you done?” looking up and down at you. At this time your sense of danger was even more present than anything… who is this man, how does he knows me, what the nine hells is going on… you did not have the time to finished your internal questioning when you lack of food and water got the best of you, feeling another darkness submerging you, seeing blackness and light fading away, feeling your legs given up, starting to fall towards the ground. Just before passing out you know that the man caught you and is saying words in a way you are not sure to understand but the tone of his voice tell you that you can trust him and you are safe…

Clinging sounds, water dripping, smell of roasted chicken, signing birds. Opening your eyes, feel of cotton on your fingers, cotton sheet with on top of it a thick pelt of some animal providing warmth. You are in a bed. You feel better than when you woke up in this body. Where I am, who am I, who is this person? Turning your head you see four other beds with your comrades also looking around, they also look as lost as you are. You have another look at that man cooking by the fire. He look like any peasant you have encounter on the plain except for the dagger. Turning around, bringing a cauldron to the table, spreading bolls around and filling them with a hot and steamy liquid. Putting bread near the wooden spoon; putting wooden plates and knife also on the table, he looks at you and “come on up you lazy bastard, I know you’ve been watching for the last fifteen minutes, I know you can stand up now, come on the soup and the game I caught is also just fine and juicy… I’ll eat it all you lazy pigs…” With that, he sat down, cut out a generous piece of juicy meat and put it in is plate, cut it and took a large bite…

What are you doing….

The voyage to the tower

Seeing the plain from above is one remarkable look, you can see far away, have a unique perspective. Even in your wildest dreams you have never though something like this possible. The freedom this intricate designed rug gives you is above and beyond reality. As you walked away from Blue Water, less than an hour after, you join again in this strange surge of adrenaline, the act of flying, what an experience.

Knowing approximately the direction of the ruined tower you want to get too, you follow the once road to Hill Town, now but a trail in the desert. From you vantage point, you see more clearly why it is call the plain; there is several large and dry area where dust is the main soil, but there is some patch, bigger than one could expect of green stuff that seems to be slowly becoming forest, at least now they are bushes growing taller by the years, but yet to be comparable to the Hill Town forest and its trees.

You see regularly animals, some herds, some fiercer hunting the herd animals. After but a day or so, you get in range of the hills of the tower. The view again is breath taking, out of the sand high rocks climb toward the sky. The hills looks more like a giant piece of stone that time has broken away one piece at a time and slowing formed several peaks that now is corroding as time passes. You can see several vein of nothingness that were once rock as hard as steel that as just melt away from time and elements fighting with it every day.

In the morning, you finally see what so few men have seen in their life, the ruined tower from which these hills are named. The tower itself does not look like a tower; it looks more like a fortress of some kind. There is a tower structure that must be around a hundred feet high attached to the fortress. What caught you eye is the activities that exist in what is supposed to be a deserted area… Several humanoid form seem to move with purpose in this area, this is where you decide that this aerial venture will stop and walking will resume its course…

Arkus second quest

Hi again my friends,

I see that you that you have survived and completed the first quest. I am most pleased by this. Now since you are asking, yes indeed I have a second investigation for you. My people have discovered this text in some excavation:

In ancient times, before the arrival of the wizard tower, tribal leaders where the keeper of the knowledge, keeper of the tradition, keeper of war and peace; but most of all they were the king of this desert, of this realm. History never foretold that the line of Kings would stop at the hand of the wizard. Rumours of riches, power and knowledge is keep within their cairn. The book of the deceased is also rumoured to hold the truth about the end of the Kings and lies within their cairn.

Well, I am interested in this book of the deceased, I am offering 90% of the value you will find in these cairns, let’s agree that you have first pick on weapon and armour but I do on the rest..

I have been told that this could be north-east of the old road going to Forge Town, near Hill Town, what do you think, we have a deal?

Well I guess so, see you in a bit! Good luck!

Letter from Nerull

Here is the lettre found:


I must report to you my progress in spreading this new disease. I must say that our great Lord Nerull, Hater of Life, have provided us with a great weapon! The ritual works very well the orc vermin given them strong combat aptitude and crazy madness. I have sent several of them to Ul-Bakak. I have unfortunately not be able to confirm if the new plague will be successful, I expected to see first-hand the results of the ritual but a group of hireling from the village have come to investigate our plans.

I have followed the group a couples of days, since the village of Urg-Vallo. They have discovered the ruins I’ve put in but nothing more so far. As I am writing these lines, they are making their way to Arx-Red village which I have decimated a few weeks ago. I will dispatch of them there.

I must also report strange facts that might be of interest to you. While plaguing Arx-Red, I have found a magical shirt. After close inspection I found embroided in the fabric the plague legend, as told by the old fool Ebar. I may be mistaken but I recall our allies in the tower have reported finding another item with similar writing, this is worth investigating, and maybe we can finally put to rest ebar the weak sooner…

Hail the Reaper of Flesh, Bringer of Darkness, our lord and god Nerull.

The egg's Yoke

3rd day of FireSeek 380 PY.

The challenge has been issued, the group stands its grounds against the last Queen of the giant bees and her three minions. As soon as they started flying, the combat changed dramatically, the advantage was now on the bee’s side. Soon a magical storm came, and two giant elementals where summoned. The challenge will be deadly. Soon the challenger of the Queen regency face more they could handle, Baltus is the first down, but Tyree is able to bring him back to life, a few seconds later it is Spak who fall under tons of dirt and sand never to be seen again, Assaï tried very hard to kill the earth elemental after him, but in the end the earth prevailed. The three left alive outside the cave-in of the bee’s nest where face with dire challenge, Baltus fell again facing the deadly arrows of the bee Queen minions, Tyree was not far behind. The last man standing, Selus did offer a longer challenge but in the end, alone against flying enemies was too much, he failed and as the other disappeared in the sands of time.

Goodmonth 18, 387 PY

A rich hall of light appears before your eyes. You recognized the pattern on the floor as the same on Ebar’s Token. The hourglass on the floor seems to be emptying drops of blood into a liquid much darker. The walls are of pure yellow-golden hue and there is thirteen doors are around the round room. In front of each door a ghostly form enters the room. It is obvious that each silhouette are only half complete, each of the silhouette completes another one. Only one of the ghostly forms does not appear to have a match and looks more solid. You recognized the shape as the being that called Ebar. He looks much younger, without a beard but, with the same ageless wisdom in his eyes and filled but with great sadness.

Greeting you to the hall of reincarnation, Ebar explain to you that you must now choose one of you two forms. The other will remain here for the next reincarnation if it happens. He also remind you that the pendant known as Ebar’s Token, will be hidden again and you will have to find it again to choose you reincarnation. He tells you, in a sad and low voice that he underestimated the power of this place and his own power. This is the last time he will be able to help you from this place. Soon he will pass away in the next world and won’t be around to control and direct the magic of this place and the tokens he created. He hopes that you will remember this and focus on your true mission. He will try to help you as much as he can once more in the living world… We will meet soon, again…

You know and feel inside yourself the choice must happen now. A few moments of hesitation later, you have chosen your reincarnation. The instant the choice is made the room vanish and you fall into forgetfulness…

5th day of Ready’Reet, 415 PY

Since the time you can remember, you know that the world you are living in is another form of hell. Everything you know is either war, death or total selfishness. The history of this once grand city, the city called Blue Water is more a tragedy than anything else. Sadness, frustration and sometimes starvation are the daily lot of many on the city. Unlike most of the other citizen, you kind know that you have a rendez-vous with a destiny.

As youth of the city, you had to spend time with some elders to listen to their wisdom, but the one that caught you up completely is Ebar the old. After listening to him, he invited you and five other kids quite often to speak, spend some time and retell you countless time the legend of the plague. After realizing the other kids were like you (all wearing the same birthmark), your destiny was confirmed. Ebar spent much time trying to explain and describe to you the grandeur of the cities in the past, the number of people living in it, the green world and many other things that you have great difficulties imagining.

Meeting with Ebar was more like a restful break in the daily survival in Blue Water. Several events have troubled the life on the plain in the last few years:

  • The artist Hezek Bellen disappearance. Since he vanished, many have accused the King to have made him a scapegoat for his speech and opinion in giving to the poor and making sure all could be feed properly. But mainly it is his opinion that the leaders of the city if not the plain should be elected and not born into power. Many have search for his body without finding even the slightest trace or even a clues.
  • Arkus Boreno as basically became the most powerful citizen of Blue Water. He has found riches and is using it to get more popular and have more power. Since the Hezek incident, he is more careful about his speech and action. He has become more a shadow and keeps to himself than before. The fear of behing removed might have to with his attitude change. But as always, Arkus manage to stay on top of events and is still well respected (or feared) by most in Blue Water and slowly outside of the city as well.
  • The only allied city of Blue Water that remains is Ul-Bakak, but more and more the trades and relation are difficult and soon there will be no more. Ul-Bakak had requested several time the help of Blue Water’s army to deal with infestation of orcs without success. Several trade train never reached Ul-Bakak and many also never saw the wall of Blue Water from Ul-Bakak.
  • Hill Town is utterly destroyed. Confirmation that a powerful necromancer has turned the city into undead over 15 years ago and lunched attacks on Blue Water made the life on the plain miserable. The problem has never been resolved and still exists. What is left of Hill town is unknown, but what is getting out of there is known: undead by the dozen. Since the fall of Hill Town the plain have seen an influx of undead of all sorts. This reminded everyone of the legend of the plague. And some openly call for mercy of the God Incabulos.
  • Forge Town as utterly disappeared. No one in Blue Water has heard anything since the war of Hill Town over 15 years ago. Metal trade and everything that is made of metal is now overpriced in Blue Water (about 5 times the price). Metal is almost more valuable than gold and gems now. A few messengers and scouts have tried to reach Forge Town but none of them ever returned.
  • Since the war, many have died and resources are getting low. Cult of Incabulos are now rumoured to exist. Recent disappearances of common folks tend to feed the rumor that Incabulos cults are sacrificing human to keep the plague away.

Many things happened and now are a reality of life. Blue Water was once a city of almost six thousands souls, now a mere three thousands survive. The fields outside the city once inhabited and cultivated are now just cultivated by day and left for themselves at night. The army of Blue Water has been reduced to a few handful of war veteran and some recruits barely able to man the two city gates. If an organized attack on the city was to come, it would fall within minutes without any hope of recovery. The city as become a sad place and the citizen has no hopes of a better future. Several families have left in hopes of finding something better, all of them have never been heard of again.

As youth of the city, growing in this dying world you have done many things to try to help. While doing so, you gained a good reputation and several political bodies of the city are offering you interesting avenues, all hoping you will accept their offer and bring hope to the city itself.

Here are some of the offers of the table for your group to consider:

  • Arkus Boreno is offering employment with his group. He does not provide the details of any agreement but assures you that it is a fair deal. He wish to hire you for several reasons, one is to investigate a few sites he knows on the plain that could bring interesting profits.
  • The army of Blue Water (or what’s left of it) offered you an interesting deal. As officer of the army your first missing would be to stop and reduce to nothingness the leaders of Hill Town, profit, reputation and land would be granted.
  • The King of the plain, via an emissary is offering you employment, to find and resolve economic issues especially what is going on with Forge Town and re-establish the metal trade.
  • Traders and herders guilds wish to hire your service for a secret mission. They are not telling any details but assure you that profit and high standing in the guilds will be yours if the mission is successful.

What is your choice? As a group your time as now come to prove yourself worthy of the destiny that is yours!

Reset number 8 start Tuesday July 26

Giant Bee Nests

In the last few weeks you have been travelling back and forth between giant bees nests and Blue Water soldier camp. And then you hacve travelled to the goat men valley and back. Upon your return you have found the soldier’s camp abadonned but the bees to be still alive and around.

Going back to the the nest to accomplish your mission, you have found that the bee warriors were not that strong and basically disposed of them relativily quickly. As expected the challenge was more the queen than the warriors. She put up a fight but at tthe end you prevailed. Upon her demise, the treant called to help crumbled to dust, the swarms of centiped disolved and disapeared throught the cavern cracks.

After a few minutes to catch your breath, you start exploring the room and it didn’t took you long to find a hidden passage way out of the room. This passage lead to a room that you guess is the queen’s quarter. A large room with a pile of straw a bed and very simple decoration: roots falling from the ground above which seemed to be enchantement with a small greenish aura of light. From the room another corridor leed you to another room in which all sorts of “none” natural stuff lay in chest and on the floor: copper, silver, gold and event platinum, some gems, a few work of art and mudane equipement like swords and shields, ropes, pouches and paper. All piles in relative order on the left wall of the room.

The right wall of the room catch your attention as there seem to be a map of the area drawn there. It highlights others nests location.

This is where we are for Tuesday night game!
If you want to take some action before, start fo thread for it…

The Goat people or the Ibixian

As you wake up of the dream that was the test of the five circle, your injuries feels real enough, thos of you who died in the battles seems even more ill. It is like if you have slept in a week, but the good news is that you are victorious of the tests.

Onje of the goat come and show you to your new quarters for the time you are the guests of the goat people. This new place is rich beyond belief, you never saw a “cave” like this one. First you get in a hall of greationgs which about 25 feet across on both sides, bench on the right and left allows guest to sit down while removing extra layers which can be place on hooks make for this. The hall opens into waht is a grand salon. Three great couch of four sitting place each are place in front of a fire place that must be at least 10 feet wide and 5 feet high. A great fire is slowly bruning in it and provide a sense of confort that you are not used too. The smell of burning wood fills the rooms and you notice that incense is also burning giving a small touch of jasmin and burning wood, strange combination but very refreshing in your current state. On the left wall, six doors line up at equal distance on the 80 foot wall. All except one seems to have a key in the key hole. In the right wall a 15 foot arch opens into another room that seems to be a kitchen of some kind as there is a table and several chairs. A bol of fruit and a jar of what you think is water are lay on a tray on the table with 5 glasses. There is also another door in the right wall which is simple but a little larger than the one on the left wall.

After taking a few steps in the living room, a the door on the right wall opens and a goat men exit it with a tray containing 6 glasses filled with a dark redish liquid. He bring the tray the each and everyone of you, urging you to take a glass and then to the goat men that is with you, then he retires through the same door. The goat men with you raise the glass and says: “in honor of you victory” and empty the glass, he waits as few second before urging you to do the same… once you have all drank, you realized that the liquid helps you feeling better and it seems to heals some of the wounds you have.

The goat men present himself at that time: “I am Theg’Kraga, I have the great honor of being your host for the time you are here. My helper, you have meet a few seconds ago will take casre of all the food details and will provide for such needs. You just have to go to the kitchen (wile pointing the big table pass the arcade on the right). You are free for the rest of the day for you to rest and prepare for the day meal of tomorrow. Each of you can you one of the room (pointing the left wall) to sleep, behing each door there is a small room for you. Please enjoy your stay here. As I said tomorrow is the day meal and after that you will receive the offering from the defeated, our custum ditactes they have to give you something they had during the combat. Since you are not used to that custum, you can show mercy by asking the equivalent in money which the tribe leaders will provide once all the defeated have been presented. If you wish anything let me know, I will do everything in my power to help – but I am not authorized to answers question you may have, our leader will do so tomorrow. Before I leave you, Assaï Boon, here is something I have to give you.” He then hands out waht seems to be a letter, he then retire into the kitchen door and leave you alone.

if you what to do something special in the room pleade got to the thread – the bedroom

The next day, Theg’Kraga wakes you at the sound of a bell. He as with him silk clothing for you to weare at the day meal. He explains that very few have had the honor of this ceremony and you must honor it since you have won the test of the five circle. Once you are dressed up (without weapons, and he insist, else you are not part of the ceremony) with silk clothing he brings you to another section of the city. You enter in a reasonable sized room. At the center of the room, there is what seems to be a water contour about 2 few large that limits a section where a low table is set with on each side 4 cushion and at each end one cushion. You are invited to sit down on one side and Assaï at one end of the table. Soon five goat men enters the room and sits on the opposite side of the table. The biggest of them all sits at the end.

Sitting at the end of the table, Dai’Mon Bir, the current clan leader of the Conkol tribe and also the curernt leader of all tribe. He is dressed in yellow and red, he must be 7 feet tall and is very powerfully built. To his left, Gul Nakol the spiritual leader of his tribe and all tribe. He is the high shaman of the Lord of Battle and as such is the only one in the room with an armour and weapon. The next to the left is the leader of the Kristah tribe, Lagh’jorsa that you have meet before. He is dressed in blue reprensenting his tribe. The next one is the leader of Nostrek tribe, dressed in green and brown he is K’Eal’Groka. The last one Jakloh of the Vegloth is dressed in purple. All of them bow to you in a ceremonial fashion before sitting to their cushion.

Once everyone is seatted, some refreshments are brought to you by servants. Dai’Mon Bir takes the lead and speak:

“I am honour to welcome you to this day meal ceremony in recognisance of your victory ion the five circle tests. Eat as much as you need and want, we are here for a long time. I will explain the ceremony so you may be aware of the steps: First we eat a small appetizer that we are served right now. We then watch the bards reenact the five battles and composing the song that will teach our decendant this five cricle challenge. We will get server the breakfast meal after that. We will see the artisant create the silk vestment that you will keep in rememberance of the challenge, each one will be designed and measure to fit you well while representing an action you did that shifted the balance of the battle. Then we will eat the mid day meal. The afternoon will be dedicated to etch on you the tattoo of all the tribe that repersent the friendship and alligence of our two people. We will then have the main course of the day and have the rest of the evening to discuss and asnwer your questions.”

Once he has finished, the ceremony starts and go along its course. The only part where you thinks you don’t enjoy that much is the tattoo etching… Once in the main course of the day, a more relaxed and less formal mood seem fall upon the goat men. Then Dai’Mon Bir speaks again:

“Now I presume you have plenty of questions for me or my tribe men leaders, we will answer some of the questions to the best of our knowledge and will try to see how we can help you in your quests. But one thing botters all of us, why are you in the army, and how strong is your alligence to the ciy now that you are in a strange predicament, allied with mortal ennemies of Blue Water?”

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