Ebar the Old

An old human with grey hair and piercing green eyes.


Level: Commoner of Stories

Age: Unknown but at least 70 years old


Everyone knows or has heard of Ebar the Old. He is the official keeper of the history of the Salvation plain. His reputation as exceed the boundery of Blue Water.

He is the only one to still know the full version of the Salvation Curse verse which he tries to tell to as many people as possible, unfortunatly, younger generation don’t seem to take this knowledge seriously and often foreget about it.

Ebar is also known to be quite friendly and will welcome anyone who dares come and see him.

The noble familly of the Salvation Plain thinks he is a fraud and rarely consult him or regard him in any estime, Ebar seems to know that fact and don’t care about it.

Ebar the Old

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