Timelessness Curse

Wind and Water

Having spent many days in the search of the tower, finding the four keys and finally opening the last room, you have been readied to climb the spirally stair up. Going up you realized quickly that you were being teleported in some kind of outer planes. You first appear at the top of a hill, literally attack by wind strong enough to throw down elephant! Surviving barely the wind, you made your way down to what appeared to be the floor of an immense ravine. Exploring a little you soon realized that this place is extremely large. Exploring by ways of magic you also discovered that the area seems to be contained within itself as a bubble dimension of some kind.

Well that would be the end of it and normal exploration if not of the wind slowly freezing you death. Using extraordinary methods, you agreed to jump through some hops and go faster. Well, walking the planes never seemed so complicated… Having swirl of colors that needs to be chosen from ended you in a critical position, falling down towards a massive amount of water. Colliding with the water, being soaked to your bones and breathing salty, hot and very humid air to burn your lungs was probably not your idea of a smooth ride.

Returning back with the same magic, the top of the hurricane windy hill became even more freezing and not hospitable. Conjuring the magical tent and resting somewhat within it, you found that even if you had many questions to discover where and what is going on, none comes to mind and you accept your current fate as you need to do it the hard way, explore the area and figure out what it is you are to do…


Fran_Horace Fran_Horace

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