Timelessness Curse

Trollish Tale

Moving swiftly in mist and shadow, slipping through a least three ambush the group made its way into the tower of Zagyg, infamous for swallowing and chewing on countless adventurers without given anything back. The group disregarding the warnings rumors decided to get their share of the loot and glory. Getting down to a room where some armored trolls where obviously not aware of the misty group decided to take them on… Well, it did go well… for the trolls. Mr. Misty once back in solid form realized that these trolls knew their business of killing; it didn’t take long to prepare Mr. Misty to be a final course. Asgard, joining the fray not long after was surprised to get somewhat of his medicine. Without the prepared spells on him he would have join Mr. Misty right away as starters for the feast. Then the rest of the group started to be effective and draw attention to them by slightly bruising the trolls, well at first sight it seemed to be a very bad idea as the trolls organized themselves to kill the wizard and track the invisible monk moving around. Chasing the tail lasted for a while, but Cogline had to show off his mastery of invocation and drawing full trollish attention to him. Lucky or not, the trolls organized themselves to set the meal to be at least three course and prepared themselves to make the third dish. This was unfortunate for the trolls as they positioned themselves to be close enough for the acid show that Cogline was hoping to demonstrate. Well, he did. Enough that three of the trolls where down after a couple of seconds and the remaining two escaped still fuming from the acid by the door in the room, leaving their fallen comrades melting in acid.

The group is now all back to Greyhawk city with more sad news, Asgard dead, Mr. Misty dead and the rest badly wounded if not of body certainly of spirit. Another exploration, another hit at a brick wall.


Fran_Horace Fran_Horace

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