Timelessness Curse

The voyage to the tower

Seeing the plain from above is one remarkable look, you can see far away, have a unique perspective. Even in your wildest dreams you have never though something like this possible. The freedom this intricate designed rug gives you is above and beyond reality. As you walked away from Blue Water, less than an hour after, you join again in this strange surge of adrenaline, the act of flying, what an experience.

Knowing approximately the direction of the ruined tower you want to get too, you follow the once road to Hill Town, now but a trail in the desert. From you vantage point, you see more clearly why it is call the plain; there is several large and dry area where dust is the main soil, but there is some patch, bigger than one could expect of green stuff that seems to be slowly becoming forest, at least now they are bushes growing taller by the years, but yet to be comparable to the Hill Town forest and its trees.

You see regularly animals, some herds, some fiercer hunting the herd animals. After but a day or so, you get in range of the hills of the tower. The view again is breath taking, out of the sand high rocks climb toward the sky. The hills looks more like a giant piece of stone that time has broken away one piece at a time and slowing formed several peaks that now is corroding as time passes. You can see several vein of nothingness that were once rock as hard as steel that as just melt away from time and elements fighting with it every day.

In the morning, you finally see what so few men have seen in their life, the ruined tower from which these hills are named. The tower itself does not look like a tower; it looks more like a fortress of some kind. There is a tower structure that must be around a hundred feet high attached to the fortress. What caught you eye is the activities that exist in what is supposed to be a deserted area… Several humanoid form seem to move with purpose in this area, this is where you decide that this aerial venture will stop and walking will resume its course…


Fran_Horace Fran_Horace

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