Timelessness Curse

The Mission - Getting Back

Leaving the city of Molag seemed good at start, but as you progress north on the trail, you soon realized why this place is so gloom. There are no worked fields, almost no one on the roads. In several days of walking, you have seen in the distance a few small estates with barely enough growing food to feed them. The land is not scorched, just very bad, lots of rock, bad lands and sand. Travelling north and east you meet with several patrols of hobgoblins, goblins and at times bugbear. All are inquisitive but usually don’t’ bother with you.

As time passed you are getting closer to the border of the Horned Society and start to discover more organized military forces. Most of the troops are goblinoids and relatively well equipped. You are able to determine after a couple of days around several camps that the commanding officers are humans. They seem to be preparing an attack facing east, toward the Bandit Lands. The most shocking aspect of this is the way communication goes. You were expecting horse courier but none was seen. You understood the reality of rumors heard about demons when you saw the courier, small flying demons, very quick and agile, carrying missive back and forth. You even saw some demons in the flesh talking with the officers of the armies.

The few days you passed exploring (most of the time invisible)the camps, confirmed some of the rumors, but the war effort is not directed towards Furyondy or even the shield land as you can see or understand.

Leaving behind the Horned Society, still going north toward the land of Iuz, you are hoping to find more information. As you travelled, you start knowing that you have left the Horned Society. The area called land of Iuz was a sorry sight. You thought eh first country was bad and had a sad look; well it was cheerful compared to what lay before you: scorched land, almost no vegetation, a sad sight in truth. The land is obviously devastated, but what did it is not apparent. Traveling northward towards the supposed capital of this place, the city of Dorakaa, you see some humans, orcs and other humanoids scavenging what they can and who they can. You are attack on several occasion by desperate groups but, they are no match for you. Finally, you come across a relatively well maintained road.

After walking some distance, you are surprised to see wooden pike, about 4 feet high on which rest a human skull. There is one on both side of the road. Travelling a little further, you realized that there is one such skull every 100 feet or so. All human, all watching the road with their empty eye sockets, and they set an uneasy feeling of being watched all the time. Travelling on this road you encounter some black robe human displaying a skull with red marks on it as a symbol. Most ignore you.

Finally, you arrived at what you think is your destination, the city of Dorakaa. Fairly big, the city as seen better days and seems to have recently been the theater of war or at least combat. A dark construction cut the horizon. It must be the citadel, but the chill out of it all the forms and bath like creature circling around it. Taking you courage into your hands you made you way towards the city but aversion, panic and fear settles in you and you can get closer. You have the impression that the skulls are laughing at you.

Getting out of the road and finding a hidden place, you try to make senses of what happened. After several days of hiding and moving around, you are finally able to enter the city. Again, a sad sight, some people gutted right there and left to rot is bad enough but when humanoids and human alike start fighting over the remains and run with what they could grab and eating it as they run is almost impossible to withstand. Demons walking openly in the streets and bulling everyone looking at them, groups of what you know now as clerics with the skull symbol attacking and torture openly in the streets, bullying and just kill for fun. This is not a place of light hearted and good people. You realized that you have always thought of you as being able to endure everything and withstand all, but this is not from this world, this is not supposed to exist, this is evil and should be stopped.

Finding a safe place in this hell is easier that you thought. Making you home in one of the many abandoned houses and getting it secure took no time. Then, starting your investigation you lived in the city a couple of days before finding grave information. The city and the land are on the eve of war. Troops of orcs, demons and human are massing north of the country to strike north, where exactly you are not sure. But also, you learn that the city is building several war galleys. Unfortunately you are unable to do anything about it yet. You also learn that the priest groups are priest of Iuz. Your information from the Furyondian seems not accurate as you also learn that Iuz is back in the city and now controlling everything.

After a day or so of discovering that Iuz is back, you realized that some people have spotted you. It didn’t take long that contingent of guards came your way. After you destroyed the first two, it became obvious that staying longer here is not an option. Greater foes seemed to be coming and fast. Taking your belonging you ran away.

A chase of hide and seek began as you tried to dodge fiends and hellish bat like creature hunting you. Killing many you finally escaped with your life and disappeared in the scorched land. Making you way at night and hiding during the day you managed to travel back to more hospitable country, the Horned Society and from there easily back to Furyondy.

After getting back to Chendl – the capital and giving your report, the priests are accepting the information with stoic composure. They thank you all and remove the geist spell. After offering food and rest and comfortable area for a couple of days the same cleric that brought you here came to see you.

He is glad you survived. He is also upset that no one reported that Iuz was back – which bode bad for the country and the world. Basically you are offered to be returned to greyhawk if you wish. But also if you want you can stay here and help to fight against the Horned Society and Iuz. War is coming, not here but soon somewhere and the country would want all the help they can get.


Fran_Horace Fran_Horace

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