Timelessness Curse

The Mission: City of Molag

The night was clear and somewhat fresh but without clouds. Pedes, your guide to cross the river and bring you about a day of Molag hurried your through the city street to the gate where you slipped off the wall. Leaving the city behind you after a few minutes’ walk you get to the river. Mounting on a small boat and getting your way to the other side you hide the boat and continue on foot for about an hour close to the river. Then moving inland you found a small patch of wood where you lay for the rest of the night.

In the morning light, you discover more of the land, where not much is growing and offers a desolate sight. Upset a little that you were promised horses, the guide explains to you that Furyondian horses would attract to much attention as there are of better bread that the ones on this side of the river. He also mentioned that he as money for you to buy horse in Molag if you wish. But he does not recommend it anyway, as if you are rich enough to buy horses you are definitely a target for poorer people and they will “attack” in masses to get your riches. Enough that your gear may attract attention as it is, I think you are better off without horses.

Travelling east by what serves as road in the horned society, basically a cart trail not very well maintained you make your way towards Molag. You progress for two days. The only living things you encounter are either wild beast or people that are so scared that once they saw you on the road they go cross country to avoid meeting with you. Pedes let you know that following this road you will get to Molag in about a day. You should be able to go to the Headless Pig tavern which is near the Western gate, the gate you should arrive. The bard keep is somewhat an ally; make sure to tip him properly and he won’t denounce you. He should be able to get you want you may need if you are ready to pay about twice the normal price for goods and about the triple for food item, unless you are ready to eat very crappy food… This is up to you. I am gone tomorrow morning and wish you luck, remember to keep as low a profile as you can, especially the further north you go.

Being able to move faster than with the guide, you start seeing the city about midafternoon. You have not seen any increase in travelers. Getting closer to the city you see armed guards and several groups of soldiers around the gate and the road coming in. They don’t seem very strong but the numbers are significant. Getting to the gate, no guards trouble you, but at the gate you are looked at, questioned and inspected closely. Cogline is disregarded quickly as is face is showing burned acid marked and it seemed this is seen as normal, Handell is double checked but ignored after a while, Asgard is almost welcomed as a brother, Lao seems suspicious to them and [Fred]’s Halfling is definitely questioned more than once and inspected twice. After a while they let you in but are watching you as you get into the city.

The city itself is not in good repair, it is obviously maintained but not to pristine condition. You first observation and surprise in Molag comes from the number of humanoids, especially tall goblins (you will identify them as hobgoblin later) which have the color of the city and carry weapons as soldiers. There is about one third of hobgoblin in the city. The city itself runs north south and you are quickly move north of its center towards the inn you are looking for. At the inn, the atmosphere is not better, actually if it could be worst, it would. When getting in, everyone turns to take a good look at you and eyeing your weapons, evaluating your worth against the trouble it would get into, most at that time turn around and get back to their miserable drinks.

The inn keeper, a big man that does not inspire trust welcomes you with a shrug with an “what do you drink fellow” on a tone that obviously means you better pay or your out… After ordering and tasting what could be horse’s piss, you make your way to the small suite put aside for you. Making camp in the wilderness looks promising and enjoyable compare to the room. Not particularly comfortable, not very clean and very hot and noisy, it was describe as the palace of visitor in the city.

After recovering from the inn and getting your bearings you go around the city and listen to any piece of information that could be gathered. Well, until you are able to understand what is said, the day is very long and boring. The common tongue is scarcely spoken and the few who can talk to you well, are not very knowledgeable or don’t want to tell anything. Once tongues spells are cast and you understand better the local dialect you are able to gather information. After several days, almost two weeks you final get the feel of the place. You now know with high degree of confidence that most of the hobgoblin warriors that are stationed here are due to move soon out east and south afterward. There seems to be talk of invasion but not of Furyondy, more the shield lands that as usual, but maybe a little bigger this time.

You are faced after another week or so with a choice, going northward and get other information or try to get to the bottom of this supposed invasion which may take another few months to happen


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