Timelessness Curse

Lightning charcoal beginning

The corridor was of stone, about 15 feet large and long, very long. It was as you remembered. The corridor finished eventually into a balcony over a grandiose dark area that you know to be deep, large and more than big enough to have an entire city within it. As you remember, you are sort of welcomed into this place by one man, relatively old, equipped with adventuring gears, a small candle in one hand and a long scrollish map in the other. Closing the map he welcomes you to this place. Meaningless chat and story drive the conversation quite rapidly toward a contest of mental strength.

As you recall, the triggering doomfall event was the casting of a spell, then everything went sideways. In the next seconds you find yourselves in front of one dangerous foe that didn’t seem to like spell casting. Trying to understand what was going on, Lonely acted, throwing bolt of acid at the old adventurer a few times and then realizing he wanted him dead for forgiveness of the parties actions… then in a blur a line of lightning obliterated Lonely, Cogline, Elros and Pat. Asgart was already running away for his life…

Once the tragedy known to Fee, action were undertake to revive most of the party. But, as all sad ending, Lonely did not came back from the dead. Cogline was horror stroke to have all his equipment and most of all his precious spell book now in the hoard of a villainous creature craving for more treasures… The way back to life is not always the easiest one…

Time passed, and the party is counting the days before being thrown out of their nice residence. Colgine working in Oakwood bridge coping back his spells, the rest of the party struggling for anything to do and regain their lost wealth… When a knock on the door of your residence woke everyone.

“Dear masters, I have the pleasure to introduce you to Lord Elmore String, Seeker of the light. He wish to entertain you of a business opportunity.”

As you butler set Lord String to one of the chairs in your living room, you gather around.
“I accept your greeting and present myself as Elmore String, Lord is but a presentation title. I have heard rumors about your group in the last few weeks. Some of unequal beasty from the fairy world, some of complete destruction, some other of the wealth and treasure and courage you are carrying with you. Regardless of the truth, I must say that I am willing to give you a try – if you are willing of course…

Let me set the stage for you. South of Greyhawk are the Abbor Alz. In route toward the Bright Desert there is an old tower. Very old. It is said to have been build before the Sulm people destroyed the Bright Desert. It is also rumored that within this tower exist a soul gem. I am ready to finance part of an expedition to recover this gem. O, will you ask what the gem does? Well it is rumored that this gem is a magic item that will help keep evil at bay. I wish to recover it for my liege and master, the Duke of Ursnt to protect his country against strong evil.

Think about it, I will send word in a couple of days to see if you are interested. As a token of good faith, I am leaving a 100gp, regardless of you answer they are yours…”


Fran_Horace Fran_Horace

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