Timelessness Curse

Final Chapter

Coming back to Greyhawk, the group staid a couples of days enjoying the atmosphere of the cosmopolitan city while arguing on what to do next. Fey suggested that the group went and try to investigate the location of Rary in Lopolla. Giving it serious though the group elaborate a strategy and a story that would make sense for Rary and is aligned as much as possible with the truth.

Travelling to Lopolla, the group found quarters for a couple of days, Fee went to try to meet with the infamous wizard. Giving some incentive to meet the player in the name and championship of a dead god: Lendor, the group hoped to be received soon. Well it did not took long that Fee was summoned to Rary’s tower. The messenger game the shock of their life to Asgar, Cogline and Fee; it was a young Ebar barely 15 years old!

Getting inside the tower, Fee was introduced to Rary, a tall mid-fifties greying man. Obviously in control of himself and his surroundings. Fee related the story of the group, their adventure in the salvation plain and in Ul-Bakak, several battles with undead, giant bees and elementals, goat-man and dragon. She also explained the quest and exploration of his tower, the discovery of the dead corpse and what seemed the origin of the plague that hit the world in future years. A long discussion cut from time to time by questions and clarifications about the unusual story told by Fee to Rary.

After some time, Fee to her leave from Rary and left him ponder this incredible story. In the next few days, Rary basically invited Asgar and Cogline to relate their version of this story. After almost a week, you are invited again as a group to attend Rary in his tower. In there, you find that the mage Blanc was also present. More discussion where held and validation of the story. At the end, Rary wished you good luck in your projects and ended the meeting once more.

Going back to your inn, you have a strange feeling, for once you feel that you have made a difference, the future may now be bright and non-apocalyptic. You have the feeling and certitude that you have achieve your goal, you made the difference. Looking into your own future, you realized that it is no longer written and you now have the opportunity to involve yourself in this world and whatever you will be accomplishing will be of your own will and choosing… The future awaits new heroes!


Fran_Horace Fran_Horace

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