Timelessness Curse

Arkus second quest

Hi again my friends,

I see that you that you have survived and completed the first quest. I am most pleased by this. Now since you are asking, yes indeed I have a second investigation for you. My people have discovered this text in some excavation:

In ancient times, before the arrival of the wizard tower, tribal leaders where the keeper of the knowledge, keeper of the tradition, keeper of war and peace; but most of all they were the king of this desert, of this realm. History never foretold that the line of Kings would stop at the hand of the wizard. Rumours of riches, power and knowledge is keep within their cairn. The book of the deceased is also rumoured to hold the truth about the end of the Kings and lies within their cairn.

Well, I am interested in this book of the deceased, I am offering 90% of the value you will find in these cairns, let’s agree that you have first pick on weapon and armour but I do on the rest..

I have been told that this could be north-east of the old road going to Forge Town, near Hill Town, what do you think, we have a deal?

Well I guess so, see you in a bit! Good luck!


Fran_Horace Fran_Horace

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